Hybrid Diesel Welding Machine

The welding through electrodes is a process by an arc fusion method between the electrode and the metal base. The welding arc has high temperature producing liquid bath at first and immediately solid state covered by weld slag. Thats result in joint welding.


HATZ, Germany power at your service.
With versions in, one , two and three cylinders.
Single cylinder model : 1B50.
Two cylinder model: 2L41C.
Three cylinder model: 3L41C.
Two and three versions with soundproof canopy.
Thus result in a strong decrease of sound from the engine.

Welding Machine/Genset::

LINZ, Italy origin.
Type of welding: (DC).
Electrode Diameter: up to 6 mm.
In every case like welding or single/three phase genset.
Option of remote control, to adjust the welding power from a distance.

List of Equipment

Fuel Model Motor PDF Photos Consult
Diesel MSB 190 A HATZ 1B50
Diesel MSB 350A HATZ 2L41C
Diesel MSB 460A HATZ 3L41C

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