Sales Manager of HATZ visited Bounous factory.


The sales manager (middle east and south America) of Hatz diesel engines (Germany) visited Bounous Hnos. in Gálvez. Mr. Asensio arrived on the 4th. of june and was welcome by the chief director Mr. Mario Bounous. Is useful to mention that Bounous Hnos. is the official dealer of the brand Hatz diesel engines and applications in  Argentina. A good opportunity to strengthen the old relationships of both enterprises. 
The meeting was approached by the middle management and Mr. Asensio to discuss sales targets and new upcoming projects. Bounous was an exhibitor during the last trade fair Agroactiva 2018 on the city of Armstrong and Mr. Asensio could watch the new generating sets of Hatz diesel engines. 

International quality

From the beginning, Bounous Hnos. had been in touch with important world dealers and leaders manufacturers in their own activities. Since we believe it´s essential  to gain experiences in new products and the cutting-edge technologies. The consequence, is the continue innovation in our final products and services and, of course, the success for our clients with global support.


Is one of the worldwide leader manufacturer of industrial diesel engines. Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1880 by brothers Hatz. From the old company manufacturing agricultural equipment, like tractors, the heavy and rough hot head ignition engines, to the daily present with the well world known 1 to four diesel engines, components for third parts and systems, engineering and after sales. The family enterprise have 13 branches, 114 representations of Hatz in 120 countries and more than 500 services points of after sales in all the world.



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