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Bounous brothers was born on 1922, manufacturing several spare parts first and complete machines then, to substitute construction's machines those were only imported up to date.

In 1949,  start the production of stationary gasoline engines cooled by air.

In the year 1959 consolidate the industrial plant in Gálvez, province of Santa Fe, and in 1960 set up the company  Bounous Hnos. SAIM.

On 70's, Bounous begins a permanent renovation on its products and models, what is reflected on diesel and gas engines, generating sets, trailers, canopies, soundproof canopies, automatic boards transfer switches, motor pumps, hybrid motor welding machines, portable diesel air ends, tractor driven generators, and related products.

Our activity is supplemented with the services of our technical staff, installation, post-sale and spare parts, offering a permanent attention every moment, by our own resources and agents inside the country.

BOUNOUS, from 2012 year, expand the field of action in three representative lines:

Application of diesel-gas engines in different subjects.

Manufacturing end products in low series for customers.

Design and process of metallic parts.

The company is ISO 9001 certificate, assuring the mains and supports proceedings. With big efforts and commitment of their employees. Improving permanently the innovation and know how, with environmental compromise.

The previous and post sale advice, the spare parts Kits, contribute for the complete repairs, overhaul and maintenance in the life cycle. Always in searching of the minimum distance between the client and our technical staff. The agreements gained with the world first marks on the subject, reinforcement the company position in the local market and with the cutting-edge technologies.

We are not alone; a complete grid of agents and distributors give aids in every field consulted.

MISSION: the best alternative to provide from a small company.

VISION: optimizing the space and consumption, the more efficiency on the resources used, always searching the best solution in energy.

CORE VALUES: design and manufacture with honesty. The exit in client´s hand. Commitment with the know how. Corporate history.

            "Our product  has VALUE in hands of satisfied customer"    "Solutions with energy"


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