DyP Design and Process

 DyP was developed by BOUNOUS, throw the design and development of metallic pieces. There we manufacture all our metallic pieces for our own production and is increasing the share manufacturing parts to third-party suppliers. The equipment is according the cutting edge technology with trained human resources for the best result.

Salvagnini Laser cut machine join to CNC folder machine get perfect finish pieces. From 0,5 mm. to 15,8 mm., wide variety of kind materials cut : steel, inox steel, aluminium, copper, bronze; among others.

The welding machine station with drive mechanism, complete the processes in DyP. The continuous training of our employees allow to achieve the best final solution : good pieces and personnel trained.

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See below machines performing pieces and CNC lathes and Vertical-Horizontal machine center :

Engines uses
Production Machinery
Diseños y Procesos